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Hoopsenglishâ„¢ exists to promote English language learning and the game of basketball. We started in 2009 and over the years we have created many different products and participated in different "live" events to promote English language learning through basketball. Our students experience is our #1 priority.
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We will refund 100% of your money if you use our platform for 5 days for 15 minutes per day and you are not satisfied with your learning experience. If you do not use the platform then we will not refund your money. If there is some extreme circumstances please contact us. Customer satisfaction is the #1 priority. Basically we are extremely confident that if you use our platform you will learn a new language in a very fun and engaging way.
If you purchased a course and believe it is too easy then you have 48 hours from login to use the purchase price towards a new course. If this is the highest level course available then we will offer a refund. If you sign up and complete the course or most of the course in 48 hours (very difficult but it is possible) then you will not be given a refund. html block.
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Yes we have a number of partners who use HooopsEnglish as part of their curriculum. If you are a school or school district,a basketball club or federation or any other educational group and you want to bring HoopsEnglish to your learners then use the form below to get in touch.

About Our Courses

The courses consist of various activities organized around a specific learning outcome. All course objectives are listed on the course page. Students will progress through the course through a sereies of guided learning activities where they will be learning and demonstrating understanding of the learning objectives. We have teachers on the platform to help you every step of the way. Once you sign up you will get an email with instructions so that you can start immediately.
The courses range from 5 hours of coursework up to 30 hours of coursework. All of the duration and learning objective details are available on the individual course page. Our courses are all online and you will have a tutor but you will progress through the courses at your own pace.
1-Members get free swag for signing up and more swag when they complete a course. 2-Members get access to all of our courses while if you purchase a single course you only have access to that course. 3-Members get better value for their money. Memberships have a minimum duration of 6 months while course enrollments range from 30-50 days. 4-What about the Rookie rate? The rookie rate is a one time sign up opportunity for new users to check out HoopsEnglish at the rate of a 6 month membership.
Inside the platform we have a leaderboard where our students earn points based on completion and accuracy of the activities. We have different competitions going every month where we are giving away HoopsEnglish shirts, socks, coaching shorts and more. Once you are inside the platform you will see all of this. We will mail you your pirzes or send them to your basketball club if you are signed up through the club.
Some of the activities have a 'replay delay" which requires you to wait a certain number of minutes or hours until you can repeat the activity. Our goal is for our students to learn English in a meaningful way that will last. In somesituations in our courses the students will need to demonstrate understanding of a topic before they can continue to the next game. Research shows that allowing unlimited attempts where users simply try to memorize their mistakes so they can pass the activity is not so good for learning. So at certain activities to check understanding there will be an activity delay - but don't worry there are always resources available in the course that you have access to in order to practice and learn.
Yes. All of the activities you can do on your phone. Some of the activities with video and comprehension may be more comfortable to complete on a desktop computer but you can complete on mobile devices. If you are logged in on your phone then your scores and results will reflect across all devices.
Currently we don't have a mobile application but you can access our courses through the web browser on your phone or tablet.

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