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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is hoopsenglish™ ?

Hoopsenglish™ is an online english academy. Hoopsenglish™ teaches English as a second language.


2) When do the hoopsenglish™ courses start and finish?

The courses do not have a start and finish date. The courses consist of a series of activities that the students must complete in a specific order.


3) How do I know my son or daughter is doing hoopsenglish™ ?

We send reports to parents who want to follow their child's progress and know how much time their students are dedicating to learning english.


4) Is hoopsenglish™ for kids or adults?

Hoopsenglish™ is for anyone who is interested in learning english. Our content is 99% basketball related and divided by academic objectives. We have courses and activities for students of all levels and all learning objectives. We think it's great for anyone who wants to learn english and knows how to use a computer.